because love should be quantified
Quality of Life
What is not seen: the projected superlinear growth and the lack of an asymptote. This shows that Clementine-induced happiness is unbounded.
"And the size of his family grew two times that day."
Passions and Hobbies
Clementine has only added to my list of passions and emboldened what was already there, never taken away or reduced. Life is being lived more fully.
My existential dread has been replaced almost entirely with a deep passion for circus.
Mobility and Adventure
I had never been blessed by an elderly Brazilian woman. I had never lived on a communal Mexican ranch.
Dermatologists are starting to believe that there is a correlative link between sunburns and good times: the gnarlier the sunburn, the better the time seems to have been.
Physical Capability
Body by Clementine. She hasn't helped my height at all, though.
Career Growth
It's not just correlative. It's causative.
The lone dark spot on an otherwise bright and glimmering record.
Cognitive Development
I didn't even know what latkes were. Now I can identify them almost on-sight.